Dual Immersion


Welcome to East Iredell Middle School's Dual Immersion Magnet Program!

East Middle is Iredell County's only middle grades Dual Immersion (DI) program.   Our students begin the program in kindergarten at East Iredell Elementary School.  Enrollment into the program at the elementary level is by application.  All students who complete the elementary program are automatically enrolled in the Middle School program.  

Frequently Asked Questions:  

Q: What is Dual Immersion?

A: Dual Immersion is a program in which part of the instruction is taught in English and part is taught in Spanish.  The students learn to read, write, and speak both languages.   

Q: Can my child enter the program at the middle school level if he/she did not attend East Elementary for DI?

A: That depends.  Students who enter our school directly from a Spanish-speaking country may enter the DI program.  Students who are enrolling from another DI program outside of Iredell-Statesville Schools must score a passing grade on our placement test in order to be accepted.  Students who have been enrolled in traditional educational programs throughout elementary school would not be eligible for the middle school DI program. 

Q: My child is moving up from the elementary DI program.  How does the middle school program work?

A:  Our middle school DI students have 50% of their core instruction delivered in English and 50% in Spanish.  Our students take mathematics and English Language Arts in English, while science and social studies are taught in Spanish.  The science DI course is the same curriculum that the traditional students receive.  However, the social studies course for DI is different.  It is called Conexiones.  Conexiones combines social studies with Spanish Language Arts.  

Q:  Will the DI students have Spanish in science and social studies all 3 years?

A:  Yes, in order for students to maintain their Spanish academic vocabulary, it is best to continue DI in the same subjects throughout the middle grade years.