The wheel is a collection of classes that allow students to explore future career options and creative arts.


Art classes correlate with various areas of the social studies and math curriculum. This reinforces information and skills used in both content areas. Examples of this include seventh grade African and Japanese projects in art that relate to students' social studies classes. Eighth grade students work with Indian designs and symbols to reinforce their North Carolina studies. All grade levels work with optical designs to reinforce math skills

Supply List: Sketchbook (81/2" x 11")

Art Teacher: Jayce Gorman


Band is available to all 6th, 7th, and 8th graders as long as you start in the 6th grade. 

6th Grade Band - students will learn the fundamentals of instrumental performance, music notation and reading. Students will performance at least twice during the school year, although other performances may take place as well.

7th Grade Band - students will expand on the basics learned in 6th grade to include more challenging repertoire, expanded playing ranges, and more advanced techniques.

8th Grade Band - students will perform more challenging music featuring solos and independent lines. 8th grade students will be expected to auditions for All County and/or All District Band. 

Supply List: Woodwind students: you need your own reed (Music & Arts store in Mooresville)

Band Teacher: Abigail Shuford


Students who sign up for chorus should enjoy singing and performing in a group.  Chorus is a performance class that will require students to participate in at least two evening concerts, one in winter and the other in spring.  The ability to read music is not a pre-requisite for the class.  Students in all grades are eligible.  Scheduling will not permit students to take both band and chorus.   

Chorus Teacher:

 Abigail Shuford

Physical Education

Students participate in various team sports, as well as individual activities. In past years, we have offered sports such as volleyball, basketball, football, soccer, badminton, gymnastics, and dance. We also present a variety of modified games and activities such as matball, jailball, whiffleball, pillow polo, and crab soccer. Along with these activities, fitness is emphasized throughout the curriculum. We assess our students' fitness level by administering the Presidential Physical Fitness Test twice yearly. This program follows the Standard Course of Study guidelines set forth by the state of North Carolina.

Supply Lists: Athletic shoes and deodorant

PE Teachers:

  Chad Ward

  Jim Nelson

Life Skills



Life Skills Teacher:

Juli Tipton-Smalley


Computer Science Discoveries is an introduction to computer coding. We explore the processes needed to create code. In 6th grade we will learn the basics of HTML and create a webpage. In 7th and 8th grades we will look at JavaScript and how we can use it to make figures and animate them. This is the basics of gaming apps. 

Supply List: 2 pocket folder (without clips)

Computer Teacher: Murray Yopp