Knight Time


This is a time where students will be given additional support in English Language Arts or Mathematics. Students and teachers work together to receive targeted instruction on specific learning gaps.

Battle of the Books - Lauren Roberts

This state-wide competition at the middle school level is held annually in the spring. Throughout the year students prepare for the competition by reading from the state list of specific titles. 

Robotics - Tori Goldrick

Students learn about science and technology and compete with other district teams in the spring.   This is a Knightime class. 

Knight's Council - Dawn Hennessey

This group is our student leadership team. Knights Council helps with a variety of projects around the school. 

Yearbook -  Bethany Burroughs

This class puts together Excalibur, the East Middle yearbook. 

Advanced PE - Chad Springer and Jim Nelson

This class is where students are challenged within Physical Education. 

Drumline - Emily Gordon

Students will have the opportunity to participate in Drumline with our Band Director. 

Advanced Art - Sarah Guiles

This class is where students are challenged within Art.