Iredell-Statesville Schools Attendance Policy


Local Board Policy

As a local promotion standard, middle school students may not miss more than 10 days of school per year

or must be present more than 94.4% of the days that he/she is enrolled in an ISS middle school.

The student must make up time for each day of absence over 10 days during the school year.  When a student accumulates more than ten absences, he/she must begin to attend make up sessions/days as designated by the school.  Five (5) tardies or early dismissals will be coded as one absence.  Makeup sessions/days can include before and after school sessions, workdays, community service, and summer school. If a student is assigned to summer school for failure to make up absences, he she will be required to attend all 20 days.  Attendance summaries go out with progress reports and total absences are listed on quarterly report cards.  Parents and students should check their total absences and call the school if the student needs to begin makeup sessions.


NC Compulsory Attendance Law

A student who is absent must bring a note within three (3) days of his/her return stating the student’s name and reason for the absence.  The student will take the absentee excuse to the ISS room and receive an admit slip.  If no note is received, the absence will be coded as unlawfu.  In accordance with the North Carolina Compulsory Attendance Law, a letter will be sent home after three (3) unexcused absences.  If a student accumulates six (6) unexcused absences, his/her name will be forwarded to an attendance counselor.  Any parent whose child misses ten (10) unexcused days may face court action for failure to support the Compulsory Attendance Law of this state.  Students are expected to attend school every day unless it is absolutely necessary to be absent. Parents should try to schedule medical appointments after school hours when if possible.